The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence

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This successful textbook explores the numerical implementation of Finite Element Analysis using the computer program MATLAB, which is very popular today in engineering and engineering education. The book contains a short tutorial on MATLAB as well as a systematic strategy for the treatment of finite element methods. Useful to both students and researchers in engineering, it provides various examples and exercises from mechanical, civil and aerospace engineering, as well as from materials science. The book especially stresses the interactive use of MATLAB, with each example solved in an interactive manner. The accompanying CD-ROM includes more than fifty MATLAB functions specifically written to be used with this book in the form of a MATLAB Finite Element Toolbox. An extensive solutions manual is provided as well, which includes detailed solutions to all the problems in the book for classroom use. This second edition includes a new brick (solid) element with eight nodes and a one-dimensional fluid flow element. A review of the applications of finite elements in various fields such as fluid flow, heat transfer, structural dynamics, electro-magnetics, is added as well.

Author(s) Book :Harry Cendrowski, James P. Martin, Louis W. Petro
Publish Year :2006 Publisher : Wiley
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 0471931349/9780471931348
Pages :456

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